Wx Risk Global is a weather fund management and brokerage firm that specializes in assisting our clients navigate, financially mitigate, and/or profit from the effects of weather anomalies that severely hamper their top and bottom lines. The ideas that we present, as well as the implementation of our risk mitigation strategies, have been proven to turn weather uncertainty into increased revenue, decreased expenses, and improved business efficiency. Recognizing the financial opportunities within the weather risk market due to increased global weather volatility, Wx Risk Global has also developed Weather Logix. This actively managed investment fund exploits the inefficiencies of the weather risk market through the discovery of significant weather and climactic pattern deviations from normal. In addition to the decades of experience within the Wx Risk Global Advisory team, the firm has completed over 500 weather transactions. As a result, Wx Risk Global has developed a highly effective formula for risk mitigation in any weather-sentive industry as well as the means to generate a consistent return on investment.